01/25/17 Wednesday

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img_1091Tip of the Day:

Banana peels are edible. They have nutrients such as potassium and vitamin A as well as resistance starch fiber that acts as a prebiotic.  Resistance Starch (RS) isn’t passed through intestines.  It ferments & provides food for good bacteria.  Cook green peels like potatoes. Blend raw yellow ones in smoothies.  Don’t forget to wash/rinse banana peels.





Bench Press

2-3 warm up sets of 10 reps with an empty bar, then…

5 sets of 5reps

  • Start first set with a weight you know you can lift for 5 reps
  • Progress in weight for sets 2-5
  • Rest 2 minutes after every set




10 heavy sets

Farmer Carry (down and back inside the box – about 50ft down & 50ft back aka: blackboard to rollup door and back) This can be done with 2 upright plates, 2 DB’s, or 2 KB’s

1-2 minutes Front Plank (If this feels easy, strap a bumper plate to your back)

1-3 Strict HSPU or Wall-Climbs

1 minute rest

  • WOD is not for time.  Perform quality reps with a challenging weight and good form.

Scale: Athlete chooses weight.  Reduce amount of sets if needed.

Time Cap: Until end of class time.

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