02/01/18 Thursday

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IMG_2693Tip of the Day:

Home Cooked Meals = Reduced Calorie intake = Weight Loss

The secret about cooking

Here is a super-secret truth about cooking:

Most cooking is easy.

Seriously. Even the fancy stuff.

Yes, if you want to do Julia-Child-style authentic French cooking, it can be time-consuming and fiddly. But almost no cooking task is truly difficult. Even kids can learn to cook.  So if you’re a reasonably intelligent adult who has access to fire, can hold a spoon, and can follow a recipe, you can cook about 98% of anything in the world.






10 minutes of Agility Ladder Drills

10 minutes of Burgener Warm-up (empty barbell)



Perform the following:

3 Rounds of:

1 minute of Palloff Press (Left Side)

1 minute of Pallof Press (Right Side)

1 minute Rest

1 minute Hollow Rock Hold

1 minute Superman Hold

1 minute Rest

Time: 18 minutes

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