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FullSizeRender[6]Tip of the Day:

Carb cycling is an eating pattern of high carb days and low carb days.  Athletes use carb cycling to maximize fat loss and lean muscle growth.  Carb cycling for athletes matches carb intake to workout loads to maximize fat loss and gain muscle. High and low carb days are cycled by workout -More duration or intensity the workout calls for high carb day.  Short/low intensity workouts or rest days call for a low carb day.

Carb cycling refers to sugars & starches as carbs, but not fiber. Sugars & starches are easy to digest and provide quick energy to the body.  Carb cycling focuses on using carbs as fuel. Protein, fat & fiber are not part of the energy balance calculations, but may be monitored for calories.

If body fat is not decreasing, the first adjustment is to decrease the carbs on low days. If this is unsuccessful, the workload needs to be addressed.  If workout is hard to complete, more carbs are needed. Eat more complex carbs an hour or so pre-workout and/or have sports drinks during workout.






For time:
Run 600 Meters
30 Dumbbell Thrusters (Athlete chooses weight)
Run 600 Meters

Rest for 7 minutes and then repeat WOD one more time

  • The focus here is interval training, take the required 7 min rest to fully recover and try to beat your 1st round time.
  • Score = 1st round time and 2nd round time

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