06/13/17 Tuesday

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camille_leblanc-bazinet_camillelbaz_mainTip of the day:

Avocado oil is a good choice for cooking at high heat as it has a high smoke point. Extra-virgin olive oil has a low smoke point at 320°F.




3 Rounds of:

200 meter Run

10 Jumping Jacks

10 Push-ups

10 Air Squats



5 Rounds of today’s 2min AMRAP (As many reps as possible)

Against a two-minute running clock, quickly complete:
3 Hang Cleans
6 Shoulder to Overhead
9 Front Squats
Max Reps of Burpees

Rest 3 minutes between rounds

Score: Total burpee count + weight on the bar

Men – 115#

Women – 75#

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