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Swimming Tips

Swimmer’s shoulder is the most common swimming injury. Getting coaching on proper technique can help new swimmers avoid this potential problem.

Caps protect hair from chlorine & keep goggle straps from pulling hair. Caps are a must for swimmers with long hair.

The freestyle stroke—aka front crawl—is the fastest & most efficient of the competitive strokes & is preferred by triathletes & experienced swimmers.

Goggles protect the eyes from water and improve visibility. It is important to try on several pairs to ensure a custom, watertight fit.

The kicking motion of the breaststroke can irritate sensitive knees. Stop if pain or discomfort is felt. The flutter kick is a safer option.





3 Person Partner Strength WOD

75 Rep Back Squat (225/135#)

  • Break-up the reps however you see fit.
  • Reps for each partner does not need to be the same.
  • If at least 1-rep 225#/135# back squat can not be performed by all in the group, reduce barbell to a weight that can be performed by all.
  • If solo – Do 5 Sets of 5 reps or 12 Sets of 2 reps (225/135#)




4 Rounds of:

15 Box Jumps (24/20″)

10 Toes to Bar


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