09/04/17 Monday

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In Observance of Labor Day there will be 7:15AM Class only. No Classes in the evening.

IMG_2381Tip of the Day:

It seems that insulin sensitivity is negatively associated with age although these may be related more to lifestyle than to age per se. The ability to reverse insulin resistance with exercise does not appear to be different between young and old. Exercise tends to be recommended to older individuals to improve glucose metabolism.

Aerobic exercise, or exercise that you can maintain for a prolonged period of time, seems to be able to acutely improve insulin resistance.

Strength exercises (lifting weights usually) is also associated with increasing insulin sensitivity as well as increased muscle mass.

In persons with impaired glucose tolerance, more sets of an exercise tend to be more effective than single sets and higher intensities better than moderate.





10 minutes of Dynamic Warm-up


Kettlebell Yoga



Coach’s 3 minute Demo

5 minutes to setup equipment for today’s WOD

Workout 17.5

10 rounds for time of:
9 thrusters
35 double-unders or 35 Singles

Men use 65 lb.
Women use 55 lb.

  • Focus of today’s WOD is to keep moving with little to no rest!
  • Time Cap: 12 minutes

We Will be finishing Class early to:

Enjoy The Rest of Labor Day!


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