09/12/17 Tuesday

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IMG_2384Tip of the Day:

Research suggests what type of shoe is least likely to cause knee injury?  Flexible shoes with flat heel.  Relatively flexible shoes with flat heels are safer than rigid shoes with thick cushioning, possibly because cushioned shoes encourage improper gait.

A solid core helps lift the body up and stabilizes it in poses that require balance. Poses such as plank help prep one to lift off the ground.

Hands often take the brunt of the weight in many arm balances. To keep wrists healthy, it’s important to spread weight across palm.






Warm-up (10 minutes)

Specific Warm-up for today.  Considering the volume of Monday’s WOD, Keep your warmup light.  If you need to foam roll or stretch out sore muscles, do so.

Then do the following specific warmup:

2 minutes to practice and warmup the push press

2 minutes to practice and warmup the concept2 row

2 minutes to practice and warmup jump rope



6 rounds for time of:
10 push presses
15-cal. row Sprint
50 single-unders

Men use 95/65# barbell
Women use 55/35# barbell

  • The barbell weight is intentionally light, so try to keep moving with very minimal rest.

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