09/15/17 Friday

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LionTip of the Day:

Oligofructose—a complex sugar from onion bulbs—functions as a prebiotic to feed healthy gut bacteria. Highest content is in raw onions.  Oligofructose balances gut bacteria & might positively affect immune system, though causes digestive discomfort in some. To increase intake, eat raw.

Quercetin leaches into surrounding water, which means soup with chopped and lightly cooked onions is one of the healthiest ways to enjoy onion bulbs.  Quercetin in onions promotes heart health and lowers cholesterol.






3 Rounds of:

30 sec Max Reps Sit-ups

Rest 30seconds

30 sec Max Reps Banded Good Mornings

Rest 30seconds

30 sec Bird Dog (R-hand up/L-leg up)

Rest 30 seconds

30 sec Bird Dog (L-hand up/R-leg up)

Rest 30 seconds

Total Time: 12 minutes




8 Rounds of:

2-minute rounds of:
10 Cal Sprint Row
10 reps (30/20#) dumbbell power clean and jerks

The faster you complete a round, the more time you have for rest.

No rest between rounds, keep going!

Time Cap: 16 minutes

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