10/13: Saturday Session

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All right ladies and gents we know its raining and raining hard you might say, but the harder it rains the harder we train…OUUSS!

We saw a lot of people move some weight yesterday during the 1 RM Clean & Jerk + Snatch and would like to say good job. Even if you were just working technique with the PVC pipe we are proud of you. Those two olympic lifts take a lot of practice and skill to do. Great job!!!

Todays WOD is going to be a partner WOD and it is going to be fun, so show up at 10 AM.

Attention!!!! if you haven’t weighed in and taken your picture for the 30 Day Paleo Challenge by tomorrow we will cut you from the competition. We have only about 5 people left to weigh in and take pictures so please show up guys we would hate to cut you. Those people are:

Mike Demapan | Jihan Buniag | Fran Castro | Shawn DelaCruz | Emi


WOD (Partner WOD)

4 Rounds For Time:

10 Pull-Ups (1 partner completes 10 Pull-Ups while the other holds the top position of the Pull-Up, Chin over bar)

20 Push Ups
(1 partner completes 20 Push Ups while the other holds the top position of the Push Up, Plank out on hands and feet)

30 Air Squats
(1 partner completes 30 Air Squats while the other holds the bottom position of the Air Squat, Right below parallel, but not too deep where you butt is touching your ankles)

40 Sit-Ups (1 partner completes 40 Sit-Ups while the other holds the hollow body position)

*In order for your teams reps to count stationary partners must hold the stationary position.

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