10/15: Day 2 of 30 Day Paleo Challenge

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It is currently Day 2 of the Paleo Challenge! I hope everyone is doing well and eating “Paleo”. One thing i’ve started is to keep a consistent food journal where I write exactly what I ate. For example, my first entry was:
Day 1 – 10/14:

10:15-11:12AM: Shenanigans Ground Beef Omelet, no cheese, extra ground beef with a side order of steamed veggies.

For those of you doing the 5-3-1 program, this week will be your deloading week. Here is quick excerpt on the importance of the “deload” week:

“Only reality matters: how long does your body actually need for recovery? Consistent training eventually builds a deficit that cannot be repaid in a single rest day. A deload week is a chance for your body to recover from that deficit. The deload week allows your body to catch up – to repair connective tissue and restore testosterone/cortisol ratios. Muscle can recover more quickly than connective tissue. A deload week keeps tendons and ligaments healthy. If you chronically develop tendonitis, then scheduled deload weeks are definitely part of the solution.”

Strength: Deadlifts

5 x 40% of Training Max
5 x 50 % of Training Max
5 x 60% of Training Max

WOD : In honor of the CrossFit Invitational, Team USA vs. Team Europe:

In Teams of Three:

75 Handstand Push-ups
75 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
75 Front squat (135/95 lbs.)
75 Kettlebell swings (53/35 lbs.)

*Once the event starts, the kettlebell may not touch the floor.

**Paleo Diet Tips of the Week:

Don’t eat free non-paleo food

I’ve been guilty of this way too much. When you are struggling financially, you’ll generally be more lenient in allowing yourself to consume free calories no matter how they come. However, doing this can easily put you off track. This is especially true during the holidays. The primal movement is getting huge but there is probably about 4,539 people who don’t give a rat’s ass about their health to every 1 that do give a rat’s ass. I made this number up but hey, I just want to make my point.

This means that most people will stuff themselves without much care. If you are ok eating any food that is free then you are setting yourself up for disaster.

Have the WILL POWER to resist non-paleo food and everything that will make you perform worse. Eat for performance and health. You do not need sugar with your coffee in the morning, you do not need to eat McDonalds, you do not need to eat crappy food.


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