10/17: Day 5 of 30

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10/17/2012 WOD Board


Great work yesterday everybody! Today we are going to get outside of the box because it tends to get boring staying in there. We live on paradise as well so lets go test our fitness outdoors. Make sure to bring your running shoes tomorrow everybody.


9:00 AM Class

Meet at the box/gym we will do some running


5:00 PM & 6:00 PM class

We will have one big class at 5:45 PM. The meeting place will be at the hospital upper parking lot…I repeat upper parking lot.

Indian Run up Navy HillĀ 

* If mother nature decides to act up and rain on our WOD then we will just meet at the box at 5:45 PM and we will do the indian run in * Chalan Kiya. We will do the WOD as a team. See you guys tomorrow.


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