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Great job to those who were able to find their 1-rep max! Congratulations to Olivia Tebuteb for Deadlifting 265 lbs! YES I SAID 265 LBS!!! Im sorry if we did not have enough time to find your 1-rep max. We will definitely schedule a day to find our 1-rep maxes.

FYI! Thursdays will now be OPEN GYM. If you want to come in and work on something you suck it, CAN BE!!

Snow Boarding at Lake Tahoe

Snow Boarding at Lake Tahoe










So while I was out in the states, I went up to lake tahoe for the day. After a full days worth of boarding, i felt great! I could definitely tell my consistency with crossfit was giving me the upper hand bombing down those hills without being gased out or what not.

MORAL OF THE STORY?? Participate in sports when you can! crossfit is a strength and conditioning tool that will allow you to perform ridiculously better at whatever sport you like to do. Whether if thats jiujitsu, paddling, softball, spear fishing, snow boarding, playing with your kids, going for a jog, hiking, or basketball (the list goes on and on), try to find a balance of both and live healthier lives! OUSSSSS!

30 Strict Situps
30 Wall balls
30 Mountain Climbers
30 Flutter Kicks
30 Burpees

**(Heres the Catch… Everyone ¬†must complete at least 1 round! If not everyone completes one round, there will be a suprise!!)




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