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Great work today everyone! 5PM class was close to 10 people where as 6PM class had 15 people. It seems like GetFitCNMI is growing like wildfire. We are currently in the process of finding a bigger location.

Bigger location+equipment=greatness. 

Please remember to donate your $20 every month. The $20 will be going towards the basic needs of the gym (water, chalk, washing of rags, batteries for music, etc.). If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email (getfitcnmi@gmail.com)

TEAM SHIRTS! we are currently working on a completely different logo that will suit the tastes of all the gym members. Stay tuned for details. Franny may be going around collecting everyone’s shirt size so let her know!

WOD: Surprise surprise surprise!

Please come prepared!

  1. Mentally: listen to that one song you always pump up to
  2. Physically: hydrate! drink lots of WATER not GATORADE! eat a good meal. just remember. our bodies are race cars. In order to “run” our “race car” at our maximum potential, you would want to feed your “race car” “clean fuel”. All in all, eat healthy, perform at maximum potential. 
  3. with the right attitude. dont be a negative nancy and ruin the entire class for everyone just because you are having a bad day… you should be coming to GetFitCNMI to “improve” your day 🙂
Happy Place

Happy Place

When I say go to your happy place, this is what I envision in my mind…

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