5/9: Power Cleans

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 A few announcements…

Friday’s WOD will be at Civic Center, Basketball Court. This is the basketball court you will see on your right hand side on your way towards World Resort. We shall be doing a great WOD… Classes will be at 8AM & 5PM. We will be reminding you for the next couple days before Friday, so no worries:) 

Great work today! Everyone seemed to get the concept of BLAST BLAST BLAST into their heads after that one:)

Skill: Air Squat (technique is never bad. if anything, more technique=perfection)

WOD: Partner WOD:
60 Power Cleans for time Rx 135/95



Crossfit Pyramid

Crossfit Pyramid

*Quick Reminder: Diet plays a large role in terms of how you perform during a WOD and the results you expect. You hear us say “consistency is key” which it is. Consistency in your workout as well as your diet will lead you to an express lane of results. Therefore, take a look at the pyramid below to see the basis of the “Crossfit Pyramid”.

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