8/16/13 – Friday

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Rob Santoro, CrossFit King of Island Park (NY)


3 rounds of:
20 reps of dumbbell walking lunge
rest for 90 sec
10-12 reps of:
single arm dumbbell row
rest for 90 sec
50 reps of wall ball
40 reps of box jump
30 reps of shoulder-to-overhead
20 reps of toes-to-bar
600 m run



Four sets of:
Drop Snatch x 1 rep
Rest 1-2 minutes

Take 15 minutes to build to a “heavy” Snatch

“Heavy” indicates that you are loading by feel. Only continue to increase the load if you are moving with perfect mechanics and good speed on the barbell.

Take 15 minutes to build to a “heavy” Clean & Jerk

Four sets of:
Front Squat x 5-6 reps @ 41X1
Rest 3 minutes

(Do not exceed max load used on Monday, but try to use that load for all sets.)

Again…please note the tempo prescription – this is a slow, 4-second descent followed by a 1-second pause at the bottom. The athlete should then attempt to move the barbell quickly back to the starting position, pause for a full breath and brace at the top, and repeat for 5-6 reps.


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