8/24: Overhead Squat

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Athletes! we have a new board at the box and it is called “The Goal Board”. This board is for you, the members/Athletes, to write a goal which you wish to achieve within the next month or at a specific date. Examples of some goals are “Do a muscle up – John Doe (10/1/12)” or “Be more flexible and go below parallel on my squat – Jane Doe (9/30/12)” and so on. Aim for one goal which you would love to achieve and we will help you achieve it. Ooouusss!

Skill: Overhead Squat

Strength: 3×5 Overhead Squats.
Heaviest Possible, Rest 60 seconds between sets or as soon as your partner is done with there set.

In teams of 2

70 Overhead Squats (95/75 #’s)

T/B Farmer’s Carry Walking Lunge (53/35 #’s each arm)

70 Hang Power Cleans (95/75 #’s)

Plank Hold

*Teammate 1 will start on the OHS, teammate 2 does one trip of walking lunges.  when teammate 2 returns from walking lunges, teammates switch places and continue on OHS at whatever number teammate 1 ended with.  Once all 70 OHS are completed, move to hang power cleans.  One teammate will start the HPCs while the other holds hollow position.  Both teammates must be working at the same time, so if the team who is doing plank hold rests, so does the person doing HPCs.  Got it?


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