9/26: Chicken & Egg Salad

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Easy Chicken & Egg salad

2 eggs
Left over rotisserie chicken from Hafa Adai bakery/ Joeten Garapan.
4-8 cups Chopped romaine lettuce
1/2 of an red bell pepper
1/2 of an green bell pepper
1/4 of an onion
1 clove of garlic

This meal is simple and easy to make. First grab a frying pan, non-stick preferably, heat it up then pour some olive oil into it just to coat the frying pan so the eggs don’t stick. Next cook the two eggs any way you want it…scrambled, over easy, sunny side up, medium hard, etc. For me I cooked the eggs over easy because i love it when the yoke drizzles all over the salad…mmm mmm yummy. After your eggs are cooked place them on a plate on the side.

Next we are going to stir fry/ heat up the left over chicken with the peppers, onions and garlic. This sunday I prepared all my veggies by chopping them up into nice small pieces so I would have chopped veggies for the week. This makes it easier on yourself during the week so you don’t have to keep chopping veggies every night to prepare dinner. But if you haven’t chopped your veggies chop them up into nice small/medium size pieces what ever you prefer. Next make sure you shred the chicken away from the bones so you’re not eating any bones in you salad. You pick how much chicken you would want to eat…I say the more protein the better. Okay now that you have prepared the chicken, peppers, onion and garlic, heat the same frying pan up and pour some olive oil in it just to coat the pan. When the oil is heated throw in your veggies. Sweat out those veggies and unleash the amazing aroma of the garlic for about 1-3 minutes. Next throw in the shredded pieces of chicken and just heat until hot. Once the chicken and veggies are done place them on the same plate as the eggs.

Next we will prepare the lettuce. Take probably 4-6 full leaves of romaine lettuce and wash them. It is always important to wash your veggies. Next dry them with a paper towel. Last step is to chop or shred them with your hands how ever you like and place them on a plate.

The Final step for this whole process is to combine everything. The way I did it this morning at breakfast was this way. I placed the stir fried chicken on top of the bed of lettuce with all the juices, then put my two over easy eggs over the chicken and lettuce, and finally i grabbed my fork and devoured the yummy dish.

Since I prepared my stuff in advance it took me 10-20 mins to make. If you have to prepare the veggies and chicken it’ll probably take you 20-30 mins so not that much longer. This is easy and quick to make so just thought I would share it with you guys. Wish I had a picture to show you guys how it looked, but it tasted too good for me to stop and take a picture. Try it out its yummy!


7 Minute AMRAP:
Medicine Ball Cleans for reps (20#/14#)

Here is a video of the Med-Ball clean…

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