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06/29/17 Thursday

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IMG_1906Tip of the Day:

Feeling pain during a run—or pain inside or outside of the knee that doesn’t go away as the day progresses, is a sign that training should stop.

Rolling ankles in concentric and eccentric circles can help relax tightness and heal inflamed tissue in the ankles that causes painful tendinitis.




Active Recovery WOD


Take 20 minutes to either work on 2 weaknesses or work mobility/muscle soreness.





Take 10 minutes to row/jog at an easy pace and a 5 minute walk for cool-down.

Total time WOD B 15 minutes


06/28/17 Wednesday

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IMG_2154Tip of the Day:

HIIT is effective in building cardiovascular endurance—VO2 max. Endurance athletes use HIIT style training—hill sprints/climbs—to increase VO2 max.

Growth hormone (GH) is increased w/ HIIT training. GH signals the body to repair soft tissues & it is a cortisol blocker that can reduce fat storage.





4 Rounds of 2 minutes:

21 kettlebell swings 53/35#

Max Rep Pull-ups

Rest 3 minutes between rounds

06/27/17 Tuesday

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IMG_2152Tip of the Day:

The majority of the deadlift movement is centered on the hip hinge. Do kettlebell swings to develop the hip hinge in preparation for a deadlift.

Hamstring flexibility may hinder a lifter from lifting from the floor. If needed, add 2-4 inch blocks or use a squat rack to raise starting position.






1 mile run or 2k row




Double Unders



06/26/17 Monday

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foods eat everdayTip of the Day:

Betalains are plant compounds found in beets linked with reducing risk of certain cancers through antioxidant & anti-inflammatory support.

Beeturia—reddening of urine—is harmless yet commonly seen in those with abnormalities in iron absorption. Check for anemia if beeturia occurs.




20 Rounds

3 Barbell Rows (115/75#)

2 Burpees over the Bar

1 Bear Complex (115/75#)

06/23/17 Friday

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shutterstock_154573484Tip of the Day:

Citrus fruits contain alpha hydroxy acids, a natural acid that can be applied to skin to remove dead skin cells and unclog pores, fighting acne.

Good nutrition has been shown to help reduce inflammation and prevent skin disorders such as psoriasis.

Food rich in beta-carotene, which provides vitamin A to the body, may help people especially sun-sensitive to avoid sunburning easily.




Today’s WOD is a Friday Flashback.  WOD A and WOD B will be on the blackboard.  The “Extra Credit” is optional and will not be posted at the box.

3/12/13 – Tuesday

06/22/17 Thursday

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IMG_2044Tip of the Day:

A sumo deadlift needs more flexibility in the hips but reduces stress on the lower back. Train the sumo deadlift with same frequency as conventional.

The deadlift is strenuous on the nervous system. Do not train a deadlift more than 1x week, as the nervous system takes at least that long to recover.

The deadlift is the summation of the strength of leg and back muscles. Any weakness in the chain becomes the limiting factor to a powerful deadlift.





For Time:

1 mile Run

2Km Row

300 Double Unders or 300 Singles

Time Cap: 30 minutes

– Or-

Optional Variation

4 Rounds of:

400M Run + 500M Row + 75 Singles

Rest 2 minutes between Rounds

06/21/17 Wednesday

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2013DCThrowdown-597x406Tip of the Day:

Muscles that are overly excited by the nervous system can “misfire”—this is the current theory of cramps.  Try stretching out a cramp to resolve it.






Take 10 minutes to warm-up for push press.


5 Sets of 5 Reps

Push Press @ 135-185#

  • pick a barbell weight within the range of 135# to 185# and perform all 5 sets at that weight.
  • On the 5th and final set perform 5+ reps




12 minutes AMRAP

3 Deadlifts (275/135#)

6 Ring Dips

9 Push-ups

06/20/17 Tuesday

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um-sistema-de-treino-para-o-crossfit-competitivo-1Tip of the Day:

Running Tips

Running in hot weather causes runner to sweat more, uses more energy to control body temp and fatigue faster. A cool cloth or ice on neck helps.

In ~90-120 minutes of running, the body uses up available glycogen stores for energy. W/out replacing glycogen, brain & body experience fatigue.

Take time to imagine running the perfect race in detail from start to finish. Many athletes use meditation or visualization to improve performance.





3 Rounds for time:

400 meter Run

40 Burpees

06/19/17 Monday

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image_15_12_58_00_493_Tip of the Day:

Swimming Tips

Swimmer’s shoulder is the most common swimming injury. Getting coaching on proper technique can help new swimmers avoid this potential problem.

Caps protect hair from chlorine & keep goggle straps from pulling hair. Caps are a must for swimmers with long hair.

The freestyle stroke—aka front crawl—is the fastest & most efficient of the competitive strokes & is preferred by triathletes & experienced swimmers.

Goggles protect the eyes from water and improve visibility. It is important to try on several pairs to ensure a custom, watertight fit.

The kicking motion of the breaststroke can irritate sensitive knees. Stop if pain or discomfort is felt. The flutter kick is a safer option.





3 Person Partner Strength WOD

75 Rep Back Squat (225/135#)

  • Break-up the reps however you see fit.
  • Reps for each partner does not need to be the same.
  • If at least 1-rep 225#/135# back squat can not be performed by all in the group, reduce barbell to a weight that can be performed by all.
  • If solo – Do 5 Sets of 5 reps or 12 Sets of 2 reps (225/135#)




4 Rounds of:

15 Box Jumps (24/20″)

10 Toes to Bar


06/16/17 Friday

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IMG_2076Interval training with a Concept 2 Rower -10 Rounds of 250M w/60sec. rest

Tip of the Day:

Many symptoms of aging such as heart disease, bone loss and muscle weakness can be delayed or eliminated with targeted physical interventions like exercise.


Memory loss is a common aging complaint. Which fruit has been shown to be particularly effective for combating this problem? Blueberries





-GodSpeed Frank!-

GetfitCNMI WOD from 08/01/2012


Skill: Work on something you suck at… Whether if its a bodyweight movement (Handstand Pushups/Double Unders etc.) or a specific Olympic Lift (Snatch/Clean)



WOD: Fight Gone Bad “Lite”

3 x 5 minute rounds, 1 minute per station of:

Wall Balls Rx 20/14
Sumo Deadlift Highpull Rx 75/55
Box Jumps Rx 24/20
Push Press Rx 75/55

*Total all your reps at the end of each round, sum it up at the end of the WOD for your FBG Three Round Total

Fight Gone Bad Comparison

Fight Gone Bad Comparison.

Look at what you did for three rounds, AND LETS BEAT THAT SCORE!!