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10/20/17 Friday

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1431357889341Tip of the Day:

If you are an athlete pratice Tapering.  It’s part of the program.  Join local competitions frequently to practice Tapering.






Take 10 minutes to practice the following movements for today’s WOD:

Handstand Pushups and/or progressions

Double unders or jump rope singles

Back Squat



For max reps and load:
2 minutes of handstand push-ups
Rest 2 minutes
2 minutes of double-unders
Rest 2 minutes
2 minutes to find 1-rep-max back squat


C. (optional)

10 minutes of easy pace rowing


10/19/17 Thursday

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benefitsofintermittenthypoxiaTip of the Day:

Breath its part of the program!





20 minutes to practice Muscle up progressions:

5 minutes each

Progression 1: Dead Hang/Pull-ups

Progression 2: Ring/Bar Dip Hold/Ring Dips

Progression 3: Kipping Technique: Kip to forehead-chin-chest-navel

Progression 4: Jumping Bar/Ring Muscle ups/Bar muscle ups



21-15-9 reps for time of:
Single-arm dumbbell snatches (40/30#)
Bar muscle-ups

10/18/17 Wednesday

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64249318Tip of the Day:

Never go into a candy store on an empty stomach.




Active Recovery WOD


5 Rounds of:

60 sec Pigeon Stretch R-side

60 sec Pigeon Stretch L-side

60 sec Couch Stretch R-side

60 sec Couch Stretch L-side

Rest 60 seconds

Total Time: 25 minutes



5 Rounds of:

60 sec Bird Dog (30sec each side)

60 sec Front Plank

60 sec Side Plank (30sec each side)

Rest 60 seconds

Total Time: 20 minutes


10/17/17 Tuesday

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0cff2d73-8c26-4f66-8754-1f60384a7b98Tip of the Day:

Feel Super Today!





Don’t waste much time.  Group Circle warm-up then go straight into the:

Coach’s WOD demo and instruction (3min)

Then setup and prepare for today’s WOD


For time:
25 thrusters (75/55#)
50 box jumps (24/20″)
75 deadlifts (75/55#)
800 meter Row
75 deadlifts
50 box jumps
25 thrusters

Cash out: 50 Burpees

Time Cap: 50 minutes


10/16/17 Monday

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IMG_2543Tip of the Day:

Rowing is non-impact exercise—making it accessible to many people. It’s a great crosstraining option for runners as well as those in injury rehab.

Anti-flexion/rotation exercises like plank keep spine aligned while strengthening body. Spinal stability allows limbs to move faster & w/ more force.

Overhead moves like presses can work muscles in the mid-back in a way that puts the rower in a more upright position—helping restore proper posture.

Overhead presses can help strengthen the arms/back as well help reduce common rowing affliction like rounded posture







5 rounds for time of:
60-second Hollow Rock Hold
30-cal. row

Each round, accumulate a total of 60 seconds holding a hollow rock position.


B. (Optional, if time is available)

3 Rounds of:

40 Flutter Kicks

30 Bicycle kicks

20 Sit ups

10 Leg Raises

10/13/17 Friday

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68239ef7-2733-452c-96b5-4c5184c6c465Tip of the Day:

Breathing is both a simple and complex skill.  We are just now breaking through the dogma of what the human body is capable with breathe.





Active Recovery

10 mintues of easy pace rowing or 1 mile Run

10 minutes of Agility Ladder Drills



3 Rounds of:

60 sec of Dead Hang

30seconds Rest

60 sec of Side Planks (30sec each side)

30seconds Rest

60 sec of Bird Dog (30sec each side)



Breathing Exercise (3 Cycles)

  1. Get Comfortable.  You can sit or lie on your back, but do not do this exercise while standing up.
  2.  Do 30 power breaths.  On the coach’s cue, you can start to deeply breathe in and out 30 times at a steady pace.  Breath in through the nose, out through the mouth.  Inhale fully but don’t exhale all the way out.  As you inhale you should feel your belly rise and on the exhale, you should feel your belly fall. It may feel a bit like you are hyperventilating, but you are in control.  you may also feel a tingling or lightheaded sensation throughout your whole body, when you do this for the first time. This is perfectly normal.
  3. Hold your breath with empty lungs.  Your coach will set a stop watch.  On breath #30, exhale and empty your lungs of air and refrain from breathing.  Now Hold for as long as you can without force. During this time relax close your eyes and focus on the space between your eyes.  Only start to breath when you can no longer resist the urge.
  4. Breath in for 10 seconds.  Take a deep breath in and hold it for a further 10-15 seconds, before exhaling.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4.  Relax and breath normally.  we will repeat this breathing exercise 2 more cycles for a total of 3 cycles.

10/12/17 Thursday

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IMG_0048Tip of the Day:

When dehydrated, the body uses glycogen—stored carbs used as fuel—at a faster rate, which can bring on cravings. Drink water when cravings happen.

Distracting oneself for 15-20 minutes can help until craving passes. Cravings are often triggered by stress, so stress-reducing activities are good.






Dynamic Warm-up (10 minutes)

Walking Lunges

Samson Stretch

Inch Worm to broad jump

Dynamic toe touch

duck walk

High Knees

Butt kicks


A. -Warm-up Sets-

The Front Squat (10 minutes)

Warm up to a weight that is challenging for 5 repetitions but allows for excellent technique. Use this load as a gauge to proceed. It is more important for the beginner to have practice opportunities than to experience maximal loading. Add weight for each set, but only if movement quality is consistent. If excellent technique cannot be maintained, do not increase weight.


B.  -Working Sets- (20-30 minutes)

Front squat 5-5-3-3-3-1-1-1-1-1 reps

  • Focus on excellent technique for every set. If you have previous 1-rep max, try to set a new PR on set #8.
  • Before beginning this workout, establish a goal weight for the final set based on previous efforts.
  • If at any point your mechanics begin to deteriorate, decrease the load and fix the error.

10/11/17 Wednesday

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878a927f-5f6f-4643-b328-ed9b5df1c8dfTip of the Day:

Adding what to a meal can lower overall glycemic index—reducing insulin spikes & preventing hunger crashes/sugar cravings later?  Lemon.  Acidic foods such as lemon and vinegar can reduce glycemic index. A squeeze of lemon in water or a splash of vinegar in salads is a healthy option.

Research suggests protein-packed afternoon snacks like Greek yogurt—1 cup has 21g— can curb sugar cravings. Granola is high in carbs & sugar, and therefore not a great snack choice to curb sugar carvings.  Eat Granola in moderation.





Barbell Complex “666”

6 Muscle Snatch (empty barbell)

6 Behind the neck press, snatch grip

6 Overhead Squats

rest 30sec – 60sec and complete 5 rounds




Coach’s instruction and demo (5 min)

  • WOD discussion
  • Movement demos
  • Scale options & scale movement/weight options

Athlete WOD specific warm-up & setup (7 minutes)


30-20-10 reps for time of:
Wall-ball shots, (20-lb/14-lb)

  • If unable to complete 10 consecutive toes-to-bars, consider scaling to a hanging knee raise.

10/10/17 Tuesday

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pasted image 0Tip of the Day:

We are not saying Soda is bad for you, it’s the scientific research that’s saying Soda is bad for you.






Warm up this movement for at least 10 minutes with lighter loads.

Then perform today’s working sets at a challenging weight.

Hang power clean 3-3-3-3-3-3-3 reps

  • Athletes with less experience should focus on practicing the movement.
  • Experienced athletes should attempt to increase load every set.
  • All athletes should strive for consistent technique across every set.
  • Choose a weight that is moderately difficult and try to maintain it across all 7 sets.

10/09/17 Monday

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IMG_1906Tip of the Day:

Walking is linked w/ reducing stress—a trigger for sugary foods. A brisk walk can act as a stress-busting distraction until craving passes.

Liquid meals are quickly digested which can lead to hunger faster & sugar cravings. Solid food takes longer to chew and digest—slowing absorption.

Sleep keeps serotonin in balance—reducing dips in energy/mood that can lead to sugar cravings. Try a short nap when sugar cravings hit.







20 minute AMRAP

6 pushups

6 air squats

6 burpees

6 situps

6 box jumps

6 pull ups

  • Move at a methodical pace
  • Rest only after completing a round



4 Rounds of:

60 sec Front Plank Hold

Rest 20 seconds

60 sec Flutter Kicks

Rest 20 seconds

60 sec Bicycle Kicks

Rest 20 seconds

Total Time: 16 minutes