12/08/17 Friday

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211b752d-9308-4f70-a4ce-c2e43414170dTip of the Day:

The importance of recovery

Remember:  You don’t get fitter, stronger and healthier during a workout.

You get fitter, stronger and healthier because your body can rebuild between workouts.






Split into 2 groups and perform the following warm-up

Group A:  6 minutes of moderate easy rowing

Group B:  6 minutes group circle with coach’s breakdown of skill: The Snatch using PVC pipe

After 6 minutes is up, groups will switch stations and perform another 6 minutes.  Each group should complete both a round of rowing and Skill work practice.




Coach’s demo of today’s WOD (5 minutes)

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
30 Double under or 30 Singles
10 ring dips or push-ups
5 Turkish get-ups (35/24#)

  •  Select a dumbbell weight that allows for 5 Turkish get-ups to be completed with no rest during the warm-up.
  • Make sure to spend some time during the warm-up refining the Turkish get-up. If at any point mechanics begin to deteriorate, decrease the weight of the dumbbell.
  • Break the dips into small sets to avoid failure during this workout. If you become unable to perform a single ring dip, switch to push-ups to finish the workout.

12/07/17 Thursday

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IMG_2715Tip of the Day:

Well-refrigerated chicken can last up to 3 days past “sell by” date.  Avoid chicken that doesn’t have a clean smell or that has mottled/opaque skin.

Cherries contain melatonin, an antioxidant that helps to regulate the sleep cycle. Cherry extract has been found to improve rest in humans.

How to Spot a Ripe Melon:   Look for the spot where the melon rested on the ground; a white spot means that it is still unripe, and a yellow or cream spot means that it is ripe.






Active Recovery

Warm-up 10 minutes

5 minutes of Rowing or Running easy-moderate pace (1k Row/ 800M Run)


3 Rounds:

Empty Barbell

9 Deadlift + 6 hang power clean + 3 front squat + 3 push press




Coach’s Demo & Group Circle Practice

Sumo Deadlift High Pull – Practice movement progressions, followed by practice of the movement.

Total Time 10 minutes




3 Rounds of:

90 Second Front Plank

Rest 20 seconds

90 Second Side Plank (45sec each side)

Rest 20 seconds

90 Second Superman hold

Rest 20seconds




12/06/17 Wednesday

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IMG_2552Tip of the Day:

Today’s Pic is the health & fitness tip of the day.





A.  Warm-up

10 minutes of Ladder Drills


10 minutes of partner Cindy (You go, I go)

  •  Partner Cindy is a warm-up drill, go at a nice easy pace.
  • Scale Cindy if needed.  Remember this is a warm-up, save the intensity for today’s WOD B.





3 rounds for time of:
95/65#  squat snatches, 10 reps
20 burpees

  • Alternate movement for the squat snatch – Power Snatch + 10 OH SQT

12/05/17 Tuesday

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FullSizeRender[2]Tip of the Day:

Community is everything!  Miss and love you all that have traveled on.  Let all of us be safe, merry, and show a little gratitude this holiday season!




5 rounds for time of:
30 Double unders or 60 singles
30 sit-ups

  •  Rest 1-2 minutes after completing a round if needed.
  • Focus on doing each exercise movement unbroken or within 2 sets

12/04/17 Monday

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foods-high-in-prebioticsTip of the Day:

A 6 oz serving of roasted peanuts packs more leucine, total protein and total BCAAs than egg or egg white.

1 oz serving of almonds contains 4 g of fiber—the highest fiber content of any nut—and 5-6 g of protein.

Anthocyanins color most blue/red food but betalains are unique pigments that aid the liver to excrete toxins. They color beets red.

Oils are extracted from whole food & contain less vitamins & minerals compared to whole food. Ex: 1 oz. walnuts = ~1g zinc. 1 oz. walnut oil = 0g.





Thruster / push press / push jerk / split jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

A thruster followed by a push press followed by a push jerk followed by a split jerk without dropping the bar is one rep.

  •  Rest 2-3 minutes between sets
  • Ascend in weight on every set

Check out the video for a visual demo

12/01/17 Friday

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IMG_2551Tip of the Day:

Crossfit is a General Physical Preparedness program (GPP), if done correctly, can improve an athlete’s performance in their specific sport.  What’s important is to not over train the athlete and to not injure the athlete.  GPP should compliment SPP not takeover as the main program.






4 Rounds not for time:

20 banded good mornings

rest 1 minute

4 Samson Stretches

rest 1 minute

40ft duck walk with hands straight above head & active shoulders

rest 1 minute





Front squat 3-3-3-3-3 reps

  • The beginner should focus on mechanics instead of loading. The last rep of each set should feel challenging, but without any degradation in technique.
  • Experienced athletes should try for a new record by the 4th or 5th set. Focus on excellent technique on every set.
  • Rest 2-5 minutes between sets.
  • You should not be breathing hard from your previous set when you approach the bar.

11/30/17 Thursday

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IMG_0040Tip of the Day:

We all have triggers.  Triggers are things that inspire us immediately into a feeling or action.  Top athletes use triggers to help themselves prepare for competition, stay focused, and re-focus if they get distracted.  Athletes develop a personal “trigger toolbox” of words, phrases, images, songs, and other things that can instantly help them get “into the zone” or feel a certain way.






10 minutes of dynamic warm-up

followed by….

10 minutes of kettle bell yoga




Complete as many rounds as possible in 7 minutes of:
95lb. sumo deadlift high-pulls, 5 reps
5 strict handstand push-ups

  •  The sumo deadlift high pulls should be unbroken for all rounds. Decrease the load if this is not feasible.
  • Start the workout with strict handstand push-ups or a handstand progression.

11/29/17 Wednesday

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61fde735-3818-4e84-95dd-3e0c15a8f30eTip of the Day:

“It is my opinion that time doe not age us, our habits do.  Habits are very much responsible for our level of health.  – Mike Dolce





Partner WOD

5 Rounds each, 10 rounds as a team:
Partner A:  250-meter Row
Partner B:  Farmer carry hold (70/50#) kb or db

  • A round is completed when both partners have completed both a row and a farmer’s carry.
  • Rest 1 minute after a Round is completed.

11/28/17 Tuesday

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Warm up to a weight that is challenging for 10 repetitions but allows for excellent technique. Perform all sets at this weight, focusing on the best possible execution. Before beginning this workout, establish your goal weight for each set. Spend at least 10-15 minutes warming up to the working load for the first set. If at any point your mechanics begin to deteriorate, decrease the load.


Back squat 10-10-10-10-10 reps

  • Focus on excellent technique for every set. Beginners should focus on consistent execution instead of load lifted. If you have a previous 10-rep max, try to match this number in the 2nd or 3rd set. Alternatively, select a load that is slightly lower than your 10-rep max and try to perform all sets at this weight.


11/27/17 Monday

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IMG_2485Tip of the Day:

Keep in mind: The only person’s actions you can control are your own.  You can only control what you think, do, or say.  YOU are in charge of YOU.  And YOU have to take care of YOU.




Warm up to a weight that is challenging but allows for excellent technique. Use this load as a gauge to proceed. Add weight for the next set, but only if movement quality is consistent. If excellent technique cannot be maintained, do not increase weight.


Power clean 10-5-3-1-1-1-3-5-10 reps

  • Focus on excellent technique for every set. Consistent execution is more important than load for beginners. If you have previous 5-, 3- and 1-rep maxes, try to match these numbers in the final set of each.