Day 1 of GetFitCNMI!

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Today was the first day of working towards “GetFitCNMI”. I had my cousins, Jason and Jose, at the box. I showed them some movements and ran them through a pretty challenging workout. It consisted of pushups, situps, and air squats. It was their first day to be introduced to a much more functional work-out program. It was great watching them push through and never resorting to giving up. Although they may be soar tomorrow, they are one step closer to being FIT.

They boys and I did FightGoneBad. With the new equipment, we were able to do a legit rotation of FightGoneBad (something we haven’t been able to do). It was a great workout, esp after being out of it for one week (due to my work trip to North Carolina). Tomorrow will be Tuesday. That means: two more days to work out before a glorious feast at Thanksgiving.


 From Left to Right: Ping Kina, Bic Sablan, Joey Tudela, Jose Quan, & Pat Demapan.

Missing: Pat Alepuyo, Jerry Lin, Richard Cabigao, Tim Quan, Bo Palacios, Frannie Demapan, Josh Manglona, Anthony Booker, etc.

an interesting view…

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