Jose “JJ” Tenorio

Since joining the GetFitCNMI family and being introduced to the CrossFit phenomenon in November 2011 I’ve experienced the best weight loss results during the last ten months, compared to the previous 28 years of my life.  I topped the scales at 370lb as of October 2011, and as of September 14, 2012, the reading on my scale showed 243lb.

Many changes have come along with the loss of all this extra weight.  I can remember not so long ago, when I could barely keep up with my 2 year old son.  There was a time when ten steps up the stairs toward my office at work included heavy breathing and a light sweat.  There were once days when my snacks of choice were cookies, pastries, chips, or candy.  At one long stretch of time, each of my meals consisted of heavy starch such as rice, noodles, or bread, and during countless occasions, all three could be present.

However, since being exposed to CrossFit, I’ve come to appreciate all the hard work done at the gym and have made sure that none of it goes to waste during the remaining 23 hours away from the gym.  CrossFit has made me more energized, more flexible, and more confident.  Most importantly, it has made me stronger and faster.  I now possess the energy to put full effort while enjoying the time with my now-3 year old son.  He’s now telling me to slow down now.  The stairs at my office are a non-factor and have been so for some time now.  I now possess the strength to choose healthier snacks such as fruits and I now leave the other useless snacks for the rest of the household.  Probably the most challenging change is the one I’m most proud of.  I grew up on starch being present in every meal, but now I can do without it.  My diet is now more heavily based on various meats, fruits, and vegetables, and I’ve learned and adjusted to become satisfied with it.

I cannot say where my life would be without being exposed to CrossFit, but with everything in a downward spiral before then, it is only safe to assume that it would have only ended with negative results.  I take with me all the hard work and determination gained from the workouts and from those I work out with as I strive to continuously live a fit and healthier lifestyle.

Claudia Adriano

I’m 37 years old, a busy mom of 3 little ones, and although I may not be a size 4, I can honestly say that I am in the best shape of my life.  Not only has GetFitCNMI changed my body (I lost 12 pounds), it has changed my outlook on living a healthier, more active lifestyle!  Now that I am physically and mentally stronger, I feel as if I can conquer anything!  30 lb. kettle bell?  No problem!  I wake up in the morning with an excitement about what my day will bring and what is becoming of me as I enter the Box!  Thank you GetFitCNMI!

Tim Quan

As an avid tennis and basketball player, I did my off-season training in a typical gym that was equipped with weights and cardio machines. Within this gym, I would hope to sustain my muscle strength as well as my cardiovascular conditioning (i.e. running, sprints, etc.) As a result of this hard work put in during the off-season, I maintained a high level of fitness and a mediocre level of skill during tennis and basketball. It was not until the middle part of 2009 that this all changed.

After finishing my college undergraduate career, I was introduced to this new and upcoming program called “crossfit” through my brother. I didn’t know much about it until I actually did some research and eventually made the decision to give the program a chance; afterall, what could I lose?

What is crossfit? To me, crossfit is a new approach to training; the program challenges a person in all aspects of fitness – strength, mobility, agility, speed, power, and much much more. The more scientific description of crossfit that is out there is simply a program that is “constantly varied, high intensity, and functional movement” and it is defined as “work capacity across broad time and modal domains.”

Not only have I seen improvements in my physical appearance, but also in my health and wellbeing. With the right diet and training program, my body’s energy levels throughout the day are very consistent; my immune system is flawless, I can’t recall when the last time I got sick; the significant improvement in my cardiovascular conditioning forced the rest of my body to adapt to the high level of fitness I have attained due to crossfit. Also,  I have no doubt in my mind that crossfit prepares you physically, but also mentally.

Last and definitely not least, crossfit brings people and the community that they live in together. Motivating each other to complete one more repetition or pushing them to keep moving and push them to the brink of discomfort, crossfit does it all.

Whether it be to supplement a sport, get stronger, or just to have some fun, every person comes to crossfit for a reason.


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